092) 2018 Spock Decoupage


MaterialPlastic, EPS, Decoupage
ColourShatterproof Spock

About this item 

  • Mr. Spock brings a holiday wish to “Live long and prosper. ” Failing to add this stylized decoupage ornament of the resourceful Vulcan to your Christmas tree would be highly illogical. 
  • Made of decoupage plastic, this Hallmark Ornament measures 2. 17 x 4. 13 x 1. 97 inches. The ornament is ready to hang on your Christmas tree with a hanger attachment. 
  • Great gift for fans of the original “Star Trek” TV series and iconic Vulcan, Mr. Spock. 
  • Hallmark Ornaments celebrate characters from contemporary and classic movies, TV shows, toys and entertainment. Each festive and collectible ornament is perfect for sharing with family and friends. 
  • Each purchase includes one lead-free Christmas tree ornament.

2 thoughts on “092) 2018 Spock Decoupage

  1. Sherry Andrus

    When will you be adding 2018 to the Star Trek Ornaments by Year Listing? I need this added to complete my daughter’s listing for future reference in buying ornaments.



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