Kevin Dilmore’s Ornament Previews

Kevin Dilmore
Ever since his mom taught him to read at age 2, Kevin has loved to figure out how stories work so he could make up his own to tell-usually ones with spaceships, aliens and weird science stuff. In his career, he has told stories with novels, children’s books, screenplays, newspaper articles and more, including Hallmark greeting cards and Keepsake Ornaments. Kevin grew up in central Kansas and graduated from the University of Kansas. He’s very happy to hear about your favorite stories or tell you about his.

Kevin Dilmore is a Kansas-based writer of many Star Trek novels and short stories, specifically in the Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers series. He often collaborates with Dayton Ward.

In 1997, he began writing for the Star Trek: Communicator. Before working there, he was a newspaper reporter and editor for almost fifteen years on a community newspaper in Kansas.

He is currently co-hosting PopMinded, an online pop-culture series rich in geek gifts, collectibles and holiday decor from your favorite TV shows, books, movies, comic books and more.


Trekland’s 2016 Ornaments…



Trekland’s 2015 Ornaments and 2016 Previews…



Trekland’s 2014 Ornaments and 2015 Previews…



Trekland’s 2012 Ornaments and 2013 Previews…



2010 Ornaments…

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