Hallmark Convention Exclusives Available Online Tonight to Keepsake Ornament Club Members!

Three convention-exclusive Keepsake Ornaments (Batman™ in Battle, U.S.S. Enterprise™, and Beginnings: Boba Fett™) will be available for KOC members to purchase after New York Comic Con ends today. Purchase one of each ornament on October 10th at 1:00 am E.S.T. There’s a limited supply of 250 each, so don’t miss out! Visit Hallmark.com/KeepsakeOrnamentClub on the dates above to see the ornaments and order yours!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
This Keepsake Ornament depicts the Caped
Crusader’s armored uniform.

STAR TREK™ “Pilot Version”

50th Anniversary Edition
repaint of 2016
Keepsake Ornament
Featuring dialogue and music directly
from the original “Star Trek” TV series,
this Keepsake Ornament depicts the
iconic starship as originally built and
painted for special-effects filming.


Star Wars™
Special Edition
Set of 2 ornaments
Based on original concept art by designer Ralph
McQuarrie, this ornament provides a rare glimpse
into the white-armored origins of the galaxy’s
most infamous bounty hunter.

Info on navigating the ordering process from a helpful poster at http://www.yulelog.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=297862&page=1

– Go to: Hallmark.com/KeepsakeOrnamentClub
– Click on: ACCOUNT (at top of page)
– Click on : Sign In
– Enter: Email address and Password
– Click on: SIGN IN button
– Scroll over: HI, NAME (at top of page)
– Select: Keepsake Ornament Club
– Find your Active membership
– Click on Show options
– Click on: Purchase additional ornaments
– Scroll through list selecting which ones you want then
process order as usual.

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