Legacy Cord (2014)


Retail: $14.95

Item # QGO1543

The Legacy Cord from Hallmark works with magic ornaments produced prior to 2009 that were powered by plugging the ornament into a light string. The cord resembles an extension cord with connectors and will power up to 4 ornaments. Simply place the cord on your tree or mantel, attach the enclosed transformer, connect past Keepsake Magic Ornaments and plug the transformer into any wall outlet.

Legacy cords can not be connected together.

Compatible with all 15 Star Trek Magic pigtail ornaments and more than 200 other Keepsake ornaments. http://www.hallmark.com/hallmark-resources/KOC-2014fit/pdf/Legacy%20Cord%20Ornaments%201.2.14.pdf

2016 Legacy Cord info here.

4 thoughts on “Legacy Cord (2014)

  1. Paula Page

    Why stop making The legacy cord? I have many ornaments prior to 2010 that I now cannot use. We enjoyed them and spent a lot of money on them. Come on Hallmark!


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