Hallmark Star Trek Ornament Price Guide: Fall/2022

Prices below come from Hooked on Hallmark (HoH) and  The Ornament Factory (OF) as of 9.23.22. Prices are based off ornaments in boxes listed in new condition. It is likely you can find Hallmark Star Trek ornaments at a reduced price on other sites or eBay. This list should be used to judge rarity or demand rather than value. 

All ornaments currently available in Hallmark stores are not included.

The Hooked on Hallmark and The Ornament Factory ARE NOT affiliated with this site. HallmarkStarTrekOrnaments.com DOES NOT resell any ornaments.

6 thoughts on “Hallmark Star Trek Ornament Price Guide: Fall/2022

  1. Lance Mangum

    I have a question about a nycc 2011 glow in the dark defiant. You recently sent out an email about one for sale on ebay. I bought it and it arrived today. There is a blemish in the paint on the saucer right at the (t) on defiant. Could this be a knock off?? I remember the topic coming up late winter this year when all the uhuras and defiants popped up from the single seller.


    1. Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments Post author

      I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion but I wouldn’t mind seeing photos of it. If you want to email photos (email link available in side menu) I can compare it to mine. Also some detailed pictures of the box itself might be a bigger clue. Anything besides the blemish look off?


    1. Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments Post author

      It was not on the price guide this year. It technically isn’t a Keepsake ornament and never shows up on second-hand Hallmark sites which is where the Price Guide’s prices are based.

      The last two prices for Maxine were eBay prices of $643.25 on 3/26/21 and $710.45 on 9/18/21.

      You will find Maxine listed on the Checklist along with other non-Keepsake Star Trek ornaments that were not on the Price Guide.



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