Star Trek: The Experience Ornament On eBay

An increasingly rare Star Trek: The Experience ornament is available to purchase on eBay. The seller appears to have multiple copies and is asking a fair price for the Las Vegas ornament.

Check out the complete line of Star Trek: The Experience’s 15 ornaments.

An Intergalactic Exclusive
2008 Star Trek Experience 3.5″ Christmas Ornament
 Never Released Prototype 

This ornament was designed and a small quantity were produced for the 2008 for the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately the Experience closed before these were delivered or sold.  We purchased a small quantity of these in 2008 from the producer.  


After just one day, the remaining two ornaments now have an asking price of $59.95. is not associated with this sale.

The last time this ornament was available on eBay was in November of ‘21…

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