Kate Mulgrew on The Daily Show with Janeway Ornament

The Daily Show 
on Comedy Central
Hosted by Craig Kilborn 
November 17, 1998

Craig:  [William Shatner’s] got the big ego though. He thinks he’s special.

Kate:  He has been a starship captain. What do you expect?

Craig:  Are you one day going to have that enormous ego.

Kate:  No. I keep my ego in perspective. [makes face]

Craig:  Ok.

Kate:  ‘Cause I’m just a girl, right?

Craig:  I’ll tell you what, if I were you, what would expand your ego. This is real, this is a Christmas ornament of you at the helm. [brings out 1998 Janeway Hallmark ornament] Look at this. How do you stay grounded, I mean you’re a super star. This is beyond a doll. This is a Christmas ornament.

Kate:  No, but I think the logic behind this little device is extraor…it weighs fifty-eight pounds.

Craig:  It is.

Kate:  So, what does your Christmas tree look like, is the question.

Craig:  The one down in Rockefeller Center is the only one that could hold this.

Kate:  You wouldn’t wanna run into her in a dark alley, would ya?

Craig:  You look tough there. Is there any… Can this be a stocking stuffer as well? Or is it just an ornament.

Kate:  I’m sure you could…stuff it.

[audience laughter and applause]

Read the entire interview transcript with additional photos at Totally Kate: The Official Fansite of Kate Mulgrew.

Kate Mulgrew will return in the role of Hologram Janeway in Star Trek: Prodigy.

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