Hallmark Star Trek Ornament Predictions for 2022

The 2020-21 Storyteller ornaments will be available in stores in July of ‘22 along with the Mirror McCoy (predicted for July) and Mirror Scotty (predicted for October). This means by October of 2022 there will be eight Star Trek ornaments available on store shelves.   With the abundance of Trek ornaments it is likely we won’t see any additional character or scene ornaments which makes our list of 2022 predictions a bit more abbreviated than years past.

 2022 Character Contenders

  • Mirror Mirror McCoy Likely July release.
    Odds: Sure thing!
  • Mirror Mirror Scotty Likely October release.
    Odds: Sure thing!
  • The Lower Decks characters in a stamped metal design could bring us Ensigns Mariner, Tendi, Boimler and Rutherford.
    Odds: 6:1
  • We have had two Tribbles so far and Hallmark could still continue the series.  It is a super cheap tweak to an existing ornament. Considering there are other Tribble color variations and the fact that it makes for a good generic Star Trek stocking stuffer, I‘m not sure we’ve seen the last of the hairy critters.
    Odds: 9:1
  • Captain Christopher Pike is already a staple in the Star Trek universe and his own series is currently filming. 2022 may be too soon for an ornament, look for it in 2023.
    Odds: 12:1
  • Captain Michael Burnham’s new rank and uniform for the upcoming season of Discovery would make a cool Keepsake.
    Odds: 15:1
  • In this divided world we could use a Let That Be Your Last Battlefield ornament more than ever.  What if Hallmark gave us a Lokai and Bele pairing as a convention release similar to the Arex and M’Ress in 2018?  Or how about a Bele release with a Lokai repaint the following year?
    Odds: 18:1

2022 Ship Contenders

  • A 30th anniversary edition of the famous Shuttlecraft Galileo ornament? That would be interesting.
    Odds: 5:1
  • The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-B.  How long will fans have to wait?  Star Trek Generations celebrates a 30th anniversary in 2024 but we’d still like it sooner.
    Odds: 6:1
  • Strange New World’s U.S.S. Enterprise seems to be a lock but not likely until 2023.
    Odds: 10:1
  • U.S.S. Discovery went through a retrofit and was recommissioned with the registry NCC-1031-A.   Will the ornament get recommissioned too?
    Odds: 25:1

2022 Scene Contenders

  • How about a Kirk ornament shouting “Khaaaaan!” when Star Trek II celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2022.  Even better, give it Magic Motion Sensors so it screams out at you when you walk by your tree.
    Odds: 4:1
  • A scene with Picard and Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Picard would give us two classic characters AND promote the current series.
    Odds: 10:1

2022 Star Trek Anniversaries

  • Star Trek: The Original Series – 1966
    56th Anniversary
  • Star Trek: The Animated Series – 1973
    49th Anniversary
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture – 1979
    43rd Anniversary
  • Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan – 1982
    40th Anniversary
  • Star Trek: The Search for Spock – 1984
    38th Anniversary
  • Star Trek: The Voyage Home – 1986
    36th Anniversary
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation – 1987
    35th Anniversary
  • Star Trek: The Final Frontier – 1989
    33rd Anniversary
  • Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country – 1991
    31st Anniversary
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – 1993
    29th Anniversary
  • Star Trek: Generations – 1994
    28th Anniversary
  • Star Trek: Voyager – 1995
    27th Anniversary
  • Star Trek: First Contact – 1996
    26th Anniversary
  • Star Trek: Insurrection – 1998
    24th Anniversary
  • Star Trek: Enterprise – 2001
    21st Anniversary
  • Star Trek: Nemesis – 2002
    20th Anniversary
  • Star Trek – 2009
    13th Anniversary
  • Star Trek: Into Darkness – 2013
    9th Anniversary
  • Star Trek: Beyond – 2016
    6th Anniversary
  • Star Trek: Discovery – 2017
    5th Anniversary
  • Star Trek: Short Treks – 2018
    4th Anniversary
  • Star Trek: Picard – 2020
    2nd Anniversary
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks – 2020
    2nd Anniversary

2021 Predictions

Winner: Mirror Spock, Odds:1:9 (2021)
Winner: Mirror Chekov, Odds: 2:1 (2021)
Winner: Second Tribble, Odds: 7:1 (2021)

2020 Predictions

2019 Predictions

Winner: Saru & Burham, Odds: 2:1 (2019)

2018 Predictions

Winner: U.S.S. Discovery, (2018)
Winner: Arex & M’Ress, (2018)

2017 Predictions

Winner: “The Naked Time”, Odds: 3:1 (2018)

4 thoughts on “Hallmark Star Trek Ornament Predictions for 2022

  1. Frank Szakacs

    How amazing would the TNG warp core be. Could make it a plug in and the pulse feature would be such a great addition on the tree.



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