2021 Top 10 Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments: #8

#8: 2006 The Transporter Chamber

Retail: $28.00
2021 Secondary Market: $83.95
Size: 4.25” H
Code: QXI6296

In 2006, Hallmark produced a Transporter Chamber ornament but just how do you reproduce the special effect of Kirk, Spock and Scotty dissolving into nothingness? Lights and sounds, powered from the ornament’s three AAA batteries, provided a psychobilly dance floor LED strobe effect and loud, cicada-like screeching.

The flickering of the lights gives a pretty decent recreation of the dematerializing effect and after going dark the sound and light show repeats as the trio transports back onto the pad. Seeing the ornament in action in a dark room is a delight and the reason the Transporter Chamber is #8 on our Top 10 list.

Sure, Kirk’s expression appears as an empty void that had been possessed by a soul-sucking specter and Spock resembles Mila Kunis fresh out of the makeup chair but the blinding strobes mask those issues. Whether hanging from a tree or sitting on a desk, the Transporter Chamber was a solid effort from Hallmark.

In 2019, Hallmark had a second try at the Transporter Chamber. It was way bigger. It was better done. It was more accurate. It was Kunis-free. It had dialogue from the show. But, at $99.95, it was missing the bang-for-your-buck charm that came with the 2006 Transporter Chamber.

We JUMP to #7 on our Top 10 next!

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