2020 Hallmark Ornament Premiere: Proceed With Caution

Hallmark Ornament Premiere is this week beginning  July 11, 2020. In typical years it would be common to see customers lined up around the store waiting for the doors to open.  It is uncertain what this year will bring.  Will stores implement measures limiting access? Will consumers simply shop from home?

The only official word found on Hallmark’s website about the Premiere during the COVID-19 outbreak is a simple line stating contact your local store “to learn how this year’s event might be different”.

The seriousness of COVID-19 should not be understated and Hallmark Corporation should not leave procedures up to the individual stores.  The Hallmark Ornament Premiere is there biggest event of the year where you typically find customers shopping shoulder-to-shoulder, consistently reaching over and in front of others.  The checkout line is commonly 30-50 people deep as it winds in and out of each aisle.  There is literally no place to avoid others in yea’s past.

Hopefully, the individual stores will make the right decisions to make it as safe as possible for the consumers and their employees.  I emailed Hallmark ten days ago, on June 30th, with my concerns and have yet to get a reply.

Below is a copy of my inquiry followed by the automated response:

What procedures are you implementing at your stores to insure the safety of your customers during the upcoming Hallmark Ornament Premiere? I am concerned if you leave it up to the individual stores they will not take the full precautions. In past years the Hallmark displays have taken up approximately 12’-15’ of wall space.  Can more than two customers shop safely while socially distancing at 6’?

We still haven’t heard from Hallmark as of this post. So we will say what they should be saying…

Hallmark ornament collectors and fans,

Please be extra cautious this year.  Shop online, reserve ornaments with your local store limiting your time for pick up only, avoid the opening Premiere weekend when customer traffic will be at its highest, call your local store and ask when there slower times during the week tend to be, ask them what safety measures they are taking.

2020 has been a trying year. Hopefully, 2021 brings a return to normalcy.  Stay vigilant. Continue taking the necessary precautions not only this weekend but until we have gotten though this.

  • wear a mask
  • wash your hands regularly 
  • socially distance by at least 6’
  • limit your time indoors when in public

Stay safe!
Thank you for visiting Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments.


Update! Email received the day after the Saturday premiere…


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