2020 Dream Book

From the final frontier come the first ornaments in our Star Trek Storytellers series.
Television’s most famous space explorers will be warping onto your tree this year. For our first release, with two more years of ornaments planned, you can have Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, Captain James T. Kirk and mirror universe Hikaru Sulu transported to your home and ready to perform with their coordinated light and sound shows.

Using audio clips from the original Star Trek series, the Enterprise crew recreates famous moments from the iconic 1967 episode “Mirror, Mirror.” Stuck in a parallel
universe with evil versions of themselves, can the team make it back home?
In addition to interacting with each other and performing by themselves, each Storytellers ornament also creates scenes with the U.S.S. Enterprise Tree Topper. With four more characters planned after this year, you can relive fantastic Star Trek memories for years to come.

See them in action at Hallmark.com/StarTrekStorytellers

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