2020 Star Trek Ornament Price Hike *UPDATED*

When the 2020 Hallmark Star Trek Storyteller Ornaments were announced they had a price tag of $29.99 per character and $119.99 for the Enterprise Tree Topper.  We now have had our first glimpse of the 2020 Hallmark Dream Book and the Storyteller characters are now $34.99 and the Tree Topper is a whopping $149.99. OUCH! You will be looking at $254.96 for the 2020 Star Trek lineup and that is before the Event Exclusive Tribble appears on eBay for $60.00 – $100.00.

I wanted to make sure the following comment didn’t get lost in the comment section. Thank you for a well written response that sums up what many of us were thinking.


4 thoughts on “2020 Star Trek Ornament Price Hike *UPDATED*

  1. Rob

    As Star Trek fans, we often find ourselves maligned by those who don’t share our passion or enthusiasm for the franchise. Despite the 1991 Enterprise being a catalyst for the current plethora of pop culture offerings from Hallmark (the company didn’t offer a Star Wars ornament until 1996) the franchise is often treated as a less valuable property by Hallmark when compared to the likes of Star Wars. For example, in 2020 Hallmark will be offering three Trek ornaments (four if you count the convention exclusive Tribble) and a tree topper. In contrast to the dozen or so pieces offered in 2020 in the Star Wars line, it can feel as if Star Trek is treated as an afterthought. For years Hallmark has offered a Star Wars themed tree topper and Storyteller ornaments both of which are only this year being made available to Trek fans. In addition, Hallmark has sold other items exclusive to Star Wars such as a tree skirt and the Black Galaxy Wreath marketed to display Storyteller ornaments. As if this weren’t enough, the long awaited Star Trek tree topper which was initially announced with a cost of $119.99 is now listed in the 2020 dream book with a $149.99 price tag. When compared to the Star Wars and Harry Potter tree toppers which have been sold for $99.99 and $119.99 respectively, this much higher price seems unreasonable and unfair. The 2020 Star Trek Storyteller ornaments, first advertised at $29.99, are now listed at $34.99 while the Harry Potter 2020 Storyteller ornaments (of which there are five in comparison to Star Trek’s three) will be sold at $29.99 upon release. What is Hallmark’s reasoning for the inconsistency in price for the same type of ornaments? Star Trek fans have supported this company for nearly 30 years. I myself have accumulated almost every Trek ornament they have ever released. It’s time Hallmark started treating Trek fans with the respect that we deserve instead of asking higher prices and providing less variety. While I’d love to add all of the 2020 Star Trek offerings to my collection, the unreasonably high asking prices may prevent me from doing so, even if it’s in protest of what I see as unfair treatment to a loyal fan base.


  2. Harry

    I totally agree. Being in Canada and based on the exchange rate, the prices will be approximately $50 for the ornaments and around $200 for the tree topper (approximately $350 combined).


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