Hallmark Star Trek Ornament Predictions for 2021

Update: See what made the 6th Annual Predictions.

Well, we meet again. This time to predict the 2021 Hallmark Star Trek ornament that will be announced in July. The Storyteller announcement for 2020 really through last year’s predictions for a loop. Fortunately, it should make the 2021 predictions much easier. First prediction…look for a Star Trek tree skirt coming in 2020. In 2019 Hallmark debuted tree skirts for Star Wars and Peanuts and I fully expect them to follow those up for the Trek universe.

If you would like to see our past predictions click below.

2021 Predictions

Winner: Tribble, Odds 7:1 (2020)

2020 Predictions

Winner: None

2019 Predictions

Winner: Saru & Burham, Odds: 2:1 (2019)

2018 Predictions

Winner: U.S.S. Discovery, (2018)
Winner: Arex & M’Ress, (2018)

2017 Predictions

Winner: “The Naked Time” Odds: 3:1 (2018)

 2021 Character Contenders

Mirror Mirror Spock is a slam dunk for 2021. I expect to see at least two Mirror Mirror ornaments next year and Spock is the front runner after Kirk’s release last year. Odds: 1:9

Mirror Mirror Scotty is a bigger draw than Chekhov so it is likely that pairing him up with Spock in the second year of Storytellers to keep the line rolling would make good business sense. Odds: 1:1

Mirror Mirror Chekov is my guess for 2022.  Chekov was the last to be released in the Legends series so it stands to reason he’ll get released at the end of the Storytellers run in 2022. Odds: 2:1.

Mirror Mirror McCoy will always be the third banana so it makes sense his ornament will come out in 2022, the third of a three year Storyteller release. Odds: 5:1

Lower Decks premiered in 2020 with Ensign Mariner, Ensign Tendi, Ensign Boimler and Ensign Rutherford. They will be cheap kid-friendly sculpts. Expect an announcement in 2021 for a 2022 release. Odds: 19:1


Spock returned to the Star Trek universe in Discovery and Hallmark could produce a scene with Michael Burnham. Odds: 28:1


Captain Philippa Georgiou is due to get her own Star Trek spinoff but 2021 is way too soon for her. Odds: 55:1


Captain Christopher Pike debuted in second season of Discovery with generally positive reactions. He is already a staple in the Star Trek universe and is a prime candidate. Odds: 14:1

Michael Burnham as the lead of the two year old series Discovery is portrayed in a 2019 scene ornament so the likelihood she’ll get a second in two years is not too likely unless it is with the new Spock. Odds: 23:1

2021 Ship Contenders

The Phoenix achieved light speed using warp drive when First Contact was released 25 years ago. Let’s celebrate! Odds: 22:1

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2021. Could we get the Cetacean Probe that was in a quest for whale songs?  Odds: 85:1

The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-B has been mysteriously absent from the Hallmark lineup for years. I still believe it is a strong contender for a Event Exclusive ornament. It has a narrow fan base but will be sought after by the biggest of fans. Odds: 5:1


At some point we should expect Discovery’s design of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 to fill the Enterprise ornament slot. Odds: 7:1


Star Trek: Discovery’s other ship, U.S.S. Shenzhou may be another angle at promoting Star Trek’s latest series. Odds: 90:1


Is the V’Ger likely to show up next season? Odds: 174:1

2021 Scene Contenders

from the show of the same name, debuts this month (January 2020) and has also been picked up for a second season in 2021. A scene with Picard and Data or Riker or Troi or Hugh is a lock. Odds: 3:1

How cool would it be to see Zefram Cochrane meeting a Vulcan for Star Trek: First Contact’s 25th anniversary. Odds: 15:1 

The Talosians
from the highly praised second season episode of Discovery, If Memory Serves, is very likely to get a scene ornament. This would also be a great opportunity to include new Spock. Odds: 16:1

Nothing would be better than a Kirk ornament shouting “Khaaaaan!”. The Star Trek II scene has become a staple in the public lexicon. More likely for 2022 when Star Trek II celebrates its 40th. Odds: 35:1


Another year. Another Spock ornament. “Spock’s Brain” should please the fans. Odds: 20:1


America needs a “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” ornamen. Odds: 14:1


“The Enemy Within” is screaming for an evil-Kirk ornament. Odds: 26:1


Hallmark was under fire this year when they banned a same sex kiss ad on their channel. They quickly reversed the decision but look for them to compensate with the famous interracial kiss from “Plato’s Stepchildren”. Odds: 8:1


A “Space Seed” ornament could revisit the popular Khan character that was first ornamentalized in 2005. Odds: 10:1


“Plato’s Stepchildren”
gave us many iconic scenes (Spock laughing) but everyone would love to ring in the holidays with Kirk and Spock dancing a little jig. Odds: 14:1


Kirk Death from the movie Star Trek: Generations is not very Christmasy but look no further than 2015’s “The Needs of the Many” ornament. Odds: 28:1


“The Corbomite Maneuver”
would be favorite among diehard fans but lost on the general public. Odds: 250:1

2021 Prop Contenders

This may be a bit of a surprise but don’t count out another Tribble to follow 2019’s Tribble  release.  It seemed to sell out online faster than the other 2019 releases and I expect it is very cheap to manufacturer.  Considering there are other color Tribbles and the fact that it makes for a good generic Star Trek stocking stuffer I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the hairy critters. Odds: 7:1


A three dimensional chess ornament? Check and mate! Odds: 7:1


Just sci-fi looking enough to possibly sneak in as a Christmas weapon ornament, the Phaser Rifle has a decent shot. Odds: 30:1


The Laser Pistol is more modern day sidearm than futuristic weapon. Odds: 40:1


Hallmark has given us the phaser, the communicator, the tricorder and even the transporter chamber, so what is left? Maybe a scene from the
Next Generation Holodeck. Odds: 32:1

2021 Star Trek Anniversaries

Star Trek: The Original Series – 1966
55th Anniversary

Star Trek: The Animated Series – 1973
48th Anniversary

Star Trek: The Motion Picture – 1979
42nd Anniversary

Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan – 1982
39th Anniversary

Star Trek: The Search for Spock – 1984
37th Anniversary

Star Trek: The Voyage Home – 1986
35th Anniversary

Star Trek: The Next Generation – 1987
34th Anniversary

Star Trek: The Final Frontier – 1989
32nd Anniversary

Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country – 1991
30th Anniversary

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – 1993
28th Anniversary

Star Trek: Generations – 1994
27th Anniversary

Star Trek: Voyager – 1995
26th Anniversary

Star Trek: First Contact – 1996
25th Anniversary

Star Trek: Insurrection – 1998
23rd Anniversary

Star Trek: Enterprise – 2001
20th Anniversary

Star Trek: Nemesis – 2002
19th Anniversary

Star Trek – 2009
12th Anniversary

Star Trek: Into Darkness – 2013
18th Anniversary

Star Trek: Beyond – 2016
5th Anniversary

Star Trek: Discovery – 2017
4th Anniversary

Star Trek: Short Treks – 2018
3rd Anniversary

Star Trek: Picard – 2020
2020: 1st Anniversary

Star Trek: Lower Decks – 2020
1st Anniversary

4 thoughts on “Hallmark Star Trek Ornament Predictions for 2021

    1. Jim Fansett

      I have every ship since1991 original enterprise, I hate character ointments, don’t even bother, let’s get back to basics How about considering, theDoomsday Machine from the original series, with light and sound, it would be an excellent addition to my collection of ships


  1. skidoopostcards Post author

    Unfortunately, I haven’t even heard a whisper of Marlena Moreau ornament and with the series being Storytellers the odds of them tossing her in as a surprise seems impossible.



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