The Trekverse is Expanding In a Big Way

It appears the Star Trek 4 movie has been delayed if not cancelled all together. Fear not, the Trekverse is expanding in a huge way. Check out what is on the Trek horizon…

Star Trek: Discovery, Season 2
img_0027Story: “We set up a mystery in season one. How come Spock – one of the most beloved characters in all of Star Trek history, let alone the world and the universe – has never mentioned his sister Michael Burnham. It was a big mystery. And I think I knew inherently that the answer to that wasn’t going to be one or two episodes. It was going to be a full season and you were really going to have to dive deep into that story and into that relationship and what happened between them. There is a lot of friction between them. It was really, for me, the storyline of season two. They work out their relationship agains the backdrop of a larger mystery and it turns out that if they don’t fix their relationship, they are not going to solve the mystery.” -Alex Kurtzman
Format: Live-action series, CBS All Access
Time period: Ten years prior to Star Trek: TOS
Premiere date: January 17, 2019

Star Trek: Short Treks
Story: Unknown
Format: Two animated episodes, CBS All Access
Time period: Unknown
Premiere date: Spring 2019, after conclusion of Star Trek: Discovery, Season Two.

Star Trek: Picardimg_0040
Story: Centering on Jean-Luc Picard after the supernova that lead to the destruction of Romulus and the apparent death of Ambassador Spock.
Format: Live-action series, CBS All Access
Time period: After Star Trek Beyond
Premiere date: Fall 2019

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy
Story: Geared towards young adults centering around cadets at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco.
Written by: Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage (Gossip Girl)
Format: Live-action series
Time period: Unknown
Premiere date: To be announced

Star Trek: Lower Decks
Story: “The showrunner of Rick and Morty Mike McMahan came to me and said, “I want to do a show about the people in the lower decks of the space ship whose job is to take the yellow cartridge and put it in the processor and make sure the banana comes out the other side.” And I said, “You can stop pitching because that is perfect.” It’s not that we are doing Rick and Morty in the world of Star Trek, although if you watch Rick and Morty you will see that it is deeply influenced by Star Trek, which is really wonderful. It’s just a very different tone. The key is to laugh with Star Trek and not at Star Trek. And it will skew slightly more adult.” -Alex Kurtzman
Written by: Mike McMahon (Rick & Morty)
Format: Half hour animated comedy, CBS All Access
Time period: Unknown
Premiere date: To be announced

Star Trek: Section 31img_0042
Story: Spin-off of Star Trek: Discovery with Philippa Georgiou from the mirror universe as an agent of Section 31.
Format: Live-action series
Time period: Concurrently with Star Trek: Discovery
Premiere date: Not officially announced. At least one episode of the second season of Star Trek: Discovery will serve as a backdoor pilot.

Star Trek: Animated Series #3
Story: A kids-focused animated series that serves as an introduction to the Star Trek universe.
Format: Two season animated series, likely CBS All Access
Time period: Unknown
Premiere date: To be announced

Star Trek: Ceti Alpha V
Story: “I was commissioned to write a 3-hour or 3-night event, and that’s what I did. It’s called Ceti Alpha V and I don’t know the current status. It’s been up in the air. Partially, there was a lot of confusion between CBS, and there were big upheavals at CBS and while they sort of didn’t know who was in charge, they also didn’t know what they were going to do with Ceti Alpha V. I’m not exactly sure what’s happened, I haven’t heard from them in some time. It’s very good. It’s a terrific trilogy. I think one of the things that happened is they’re not sure that a trilogy is long enough to warrant the cost of doing it. Maybe it should be something longer, or … I don’t know the details of their thinking, because I haven’t heard them.” -Nicholas Meyer
Written by: Nicholas Meyer
Format: Live-action three part mini-series
Time period: Between ST: TOS Space Seed and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Premiere date: To be announced

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