2017 Hallmark’s Star Trek Ship Ornament Announced



Lynn Norton

Hallmark sculptor Lynn Norton was at this week’s Star Trek Las Vegas convention and with him came news of the first ornament of 2017.  Star Trek Beyond’s U.S.S. Franklin will be soaring in for the 2017 holidays.


Hallmark’s 2017 U.S.S. Franklin Ornament

“Norton revealed that each ship takes him anywhere from 100 to 120 hours of work from start to finish. His first Star Trek ornament was in 1991 — a replica of the Enterprise model from the second series pilot in 1966. He explained that he had to modify the proportions of various parts of the ship — the size of the saucer, position of the nascelles, etc. — so it would fit into the Keepsake Ornaments display box.
Norton later told fans that a number of the Hallmark ornaments have been used as props on Voyager and Deep Space Nine including as a mobile for a baby on a Voyager episode and in the Dominion War DS9 episodes to help create the illusion of huge armadas.”
– See more at: http://www.startrek.com/article/whoopi-nichelle-headline-star-trek-las-vegas-day-2#sthash.QeB6tZb4.dpuf

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