Star Trek: Discovery and U.S.S. Discovery NCC-1031

Big news from San Diego Comic Con!  The new Star Trek series has a name and it is Star Trek: Discovery (STD for short – oops).  With the new series comes a new flagship, the U.S.S. Discovery NCC-1031.  Look for a Discovery ornament maybe as soon as next year since Paramount will want to promote their new series as much as possible.

“Discovery is so intrinsic as a concept to the philosophy that is Star Trek and it felt like it was a beautiful way to acknowledge that spirit and also… what Star Trek has provided for me is an inspiration on where we’re going as a species and a planet… and it has given me so much hope for a better world because we need it in the world we’re living [in] right now. We need curiosity and we need inspiration and we need to find better versions of ourselves and we need to discover better versions of ourselves.” – Brian Fuller






“For hardcore Trekkies, the design of the ship is both comfortingly familiar, and surprisingly retro. And not exactly retro in a 1960’s or a 1990’s kind of way, but instead, in a pop-culture alternate-dimension kind of way. The U.S.S. Discovery is a throwback to an alternate dimension of the 1970s, when the fledgling Trek and Wars franchises blended together in concept art. The design for the U.S.S. Discovery on the new show is almost identical to designs that Ralph McQuarrie, the late and famous Star Wars concept designer, sketched for the original U.S.S. Enterprise back in 1976.  Back then, Paramount was planning to reboot Trek on TV with a show called Star Trek: Phase II .” Read more at…



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