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The 2021 event-exclusive Star Trek offering from Hallmark coincides with the 35th Anniversary of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. The final chance to get your own Bird of Prey comes this week and our review can get you ready.

Review: Hallmark ‘Star Trek IV’ HMS Bounty Klingon Bird Of Prey Can Bring Honor To Your Tree
October 5, 2021

It’s Christmas in July, at least for fans and collectors of Hallmark ornaments. This weekend Hallmark releases a new electronic Mirror Spock ornament, which adds to the magic that began last year with their Keepsake Star Trek “Mirror, Mirror” Storyteller Collection (see TrekMovie review). We got our hands on the Terran First Officer to see how well he fits in with the fantastic 2020 collection.

REVIEW: Spock Is A Welcome Addition To Hallmark’s “Mirror, Mirror” Storyteller Ornament Collection
July 10, 2021

Next month brings Comic-Con@Home, as San Diego Comic-Con is going virtual with a remote convention for the second year in a row. But even if there isn’t going to be an in-person convention and vendor hall that doesn’t mean there won’t be exclusive merchandise and the first Star Trek exclusive for the event was just announced by Hallmark.

Hallmark’s 2021 Comic-Con Exclusive Bird Of Prey Ornament Celebrates 35th Anniversary Of ‘Star Trek IV’
June 28, 2021

Every year, collectors anxiously await the release of Hallmark’s next Star Trek Keepsake ornaments. The first Star Trek Hallmark ornament was the original USS Enterprise NCC-1701 in 1991. Since then, Hallmark has produced at least one Star Trek ornament with lights and sound every year, as well as some without the bells and whistles. And with Christmas two months away, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. For 2020, the folks at Hallmark have outdone themselves. Not only are there 3 new Star Trek Keepsake ornaments,  there’s also a large tree topper, and all are themed around the classic episode “Mirror, Mirror,” And together, they tell a story, for real.

Review: Hallmark’s “Mirror, Mirror” Star Trek Ornaments Are The Perfect Fit For The Holidays In 2020
October 25, 2020

Hallmark has four new Star Trek ornaments this year, three of which went on sale on July 13th and one that is a convention exclusive (the I.S.S. Enterprise). This year’s ship is the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the film. A tribble ornament with sound and motion is the Classic Trek offering, and representing Star Trek: Discovery is a Commander Saru and Michael Burnham ornament. Be sure to check out our unboxing video below!

Review: 2019 Star Trek Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments
July 17, 2019

In addition to all the Star Trek: Discovery and Picard series news coming out of New York Comic Con, there was also some cool Trek merchandise to check out on the exhibition floor. We have gathered the highlights of the new and upcoming Star Trek collectibles on display from Eaglemoss, Hallmark, Fansets and Diamond Select Toys.

NYCC: Eaglemoss, Hallmark, Fansets and Diamond Select Show Off New And Upcoming Star Trek Collectibles
October 11, 2018

Today Hallmark unveiled their 2018 Dream Book online, revealing details on their four planned Star Trek ornaments. In addition, they also have a Star Trek con exclusive planned. This is the most Star Trek offerings from Hallmark in years. We have photos and demonstration videos of the 2018 Star Trek line from Hallmark to help you plan your holidays early.

See And Hear The 2018 Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments In Action
April 19, 2018

With Star Trek: Discovery finally arriving today, this week has seen some exciting new merch hit the streets, with others on the way. The new Eaglemoss model for the U.S.S. Discovery will be warping to online retailers soon, the Hallmark ornament of the U.S.S. Discovery has been announced and new wearable Discovery pins are now available for purchase.

Star Trek: Discovery’ Merch Update: Eaglemoss Ship, Hallmark Ornament and QMx Pins
September 24, 2017

This year Hallmark has two new Star Trek ornaments and they arrive in stores on Saturday, July 15th. This year’s ship is the U.S.S. Franklin from Star Trek Beyond,  and the 30thAnniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation is being celebrated with an ornament featuring Captain Picard and Data on the bridge of the Enterprise. TrekMovie got an early look at both for this review.

Review: 2017 Star Trek Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments – USS Franklin and TNG Data and Picard
July 14, 2017

Last week we reported on two San Diego Comic Con 2017 Star Trek exclusives: The Diamond Select “Final Flight” U.S.S. Enterprise and a Bif Bang Pow! U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Monitor Mate. This week we have news on two more SDCC exclusives: another one from Bif Bang Pow! plus an ornament from Hallmark. We also have news of a new replica from QMx, the Star Trek Adventures RPG going on pre-order, and the latest Star Trek items to show up at Think Geek and Entertainment Earth.

Hallmark and Bif Bang Pow!, Plus QMx Unveils Captain’s Chair
June 15, 2017

TrekMovie visited the San Diego Comic Con 2014 Exhibitor Hall to check out some of the Star Trek merchandise on hand, including first looks at QMx’s USS Reliant Artisan Replica and the 2015 Star Trek Hallmark ornaments.

SDCC14 Exhibitor Hall: First Look At QMx USS Reliant + 2015 Star Trek Hallmark Ornaments + More Trek Merch
July 27, 2014

A number of Star Trek licensees are showing new and upcoming products at San Diego Comic Con this week, including USS Kelvins from QMx and Hallmark, the new Hasbro Star Trek sequel KRE-O line, new figures and vehilces from Diamond Select and uniform replicas from Anovos. Details and tons of images below.

Hasbro, QMx, DST, Anovos and Hallmark Show Off New Star Trek Merch At SDCC 2012
July 14, 2012

Tonight is preview night for San Diego Comic Con and two licensees are revealing some cool new Star Trek items. Hallmark is unveiling three 2012 Star Trek ornaments: The Enterprise D, a two Spocks scene from the 2009 Star Trek movie, and a classic Dr. McCoy. And Diamond Select Toys are unveiling their first Star Trek: The Next Generation retro-cloth figures. Details and pictures below.

SDCC Previews: Hallmark’s 2012 Star Trek Ornaments + DST Reveals First TNG Retro Mego Figures
July 20, 2011

As we have been doing all week, TrekMovie continues to bring you the first looks and details on the new Star Trek items being debuted at San Diego Comic Con. Today we have a look at three Star Trek 2011 Hallmark Keepsake Christmas ornaments.

First Look: Hallmark 2011 Star Trek Ornaments
July 22, 2010

Today we have a follow-up to our Saturday first look article on Hallmark’s 2010 Star Trek Keepsake ornaments. Star Trek novelist Kevin Dilmore (who also works for Hallmark) has sent us a video he made, showing off the three new ornaments.

Exclusive Video Of 2010 Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments
May 17, 2010

Christmas may be seven months away, but it isn’t too early to start planning ahead for what you will be hanging on your tree. Hallmark have revealed their line-up of Christmas ornaments for 2010, including three new Star Trek ornaments, including the first ornament tied into the 2009 Star Trek movie. TrekMovie has details and images.

The Collective: A Look At Hallmark’s 2010 Star Trek Ornaments
May 15, 2010

Hallmark and Kurt Adler have announced new items sure to Trekify your winter celebration experiences. Starting October 10th, the second round of Star Trek Keepsake Ornaments from Hallmark are available during the “Ornament Debut Weekend” at local Hallmark stores, and Kurt Adler continues its Star Trek line with statues, lights, stockings, and Christmasy figures.

The Collective: Hallmark and Kurt Adler Gearing Up For Star Trek Christmas 2009
October 9, 2009

It is Christmas in July with the Hallmark Ornament Premiere Weekend. This weekend Hallmark began selling much of the 2009 Christmas ornaments, including two new Star Trek Keepsake (of a total of five planned for the year). See below for first impressions of the Klingon Battle Cruiser and Menagerie ornaments.

Review Of Star Trek Hallmark Ornaments Premiering This Weekend
July 12, 2009

Hallmark Star Trek items have been, well, a hallmark of collecting and family fun since the first USS Enterprise ornament in 1991. This year, Hallmark has many surprises for fans and TrekMovie has been given all the exclusive details and first photos for two new 2009 ornaments.

The Collective: Exclusive First Looks At Hallmark Ilia and Uhura 2009 Ornaments
June 9, 2009

Are you going to have a party to celebrate the new Star Trek movie? If so then Hallmark has you covered with a new line of Star Trek movie themed party supplies from invites to cups and plates to thank you notes and more. Hallmark has also announced their Star Trek ornaments for 2009. See below for all the new Hallmark Star Trek goodies.

Details On New Hallmark Star Trek Party Supplies and Upcoming Christmas Ornaments
May 3, 2009

October 11-12th, Hallmark stores are celebrating their annual “Ornament Debut” weekend with in-store parties. Star Trek fans have reason to join the festivities because one of the best Star Trek ornaments ever is now available, the TOS Communicator. continues coverage of the Hallmark line with a detailed look at the new ornament, and news of next year’s line.   

The Collective: Review of Hallmark 2008 Communciator Ornament + 2009 Preview
October 11, 2008

Two more Star Trek’s licensees are revealing new items at Comic Con 2008. Diamond Select Toys have a Star Trek III two-pack depicting Kruge and Maltz (and more). And Hallmark is showing off a prototype for one of their 2009 Keepsake Ornaments, depicting a scene from “The Menagerie.” Pictures and more details below. 

Comic Con 08: Diamond Select and Hallmark Reveal New Trek Items
July 26, 2008

This weekend Hallmark stores are having their annual Keepsake Ornament premiere parties, and Star Trek is invited. Available now are two of the three Trek themed ornaments for 2008 (a third will be available this October). has a review of the new ornaments, and provides news about some new DST items. 

The Collective: Review Of 2008 Hallmark Trek Ornaments + DST Landing Party Kits
July 12, 2008

The Collective brings news on all sorts of Trek stuff we can expect later this year. We have the first look at the newly designed Mego Gorn, new pre-orders available for new DS9 and TOS figures and also a closer look at the 2008 Star Trek Hallmark ornaments.

The Collective: Mego Gorn + Hallmark Ornaments + New Pre-orders
May 12, 2008

Christmas is coming early as Hallmark’s 2008 ‘Dream Book’ (their annual catalog, usually available in April) has been leaked to the interweb. The ‘draft’ Dreambook details three Star Trek ornaments for 2008: The U.S.S. Reliant, a scene from “The Trouble With Tribbles” and a Kirk era communicator. See below for more details and (somewhat grainy) pictures.

The Collective Sneak Peek: 2008 Hallmark Trek Ornaments
March 10, 2008

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