PopMinded Artwork by Marceli Colato

If you have picked up any Star Trek event exclusive ornaments since 2018 you may have noticed the new black box design. It is an all black design that stands out against the white boxes Hallmark has used since 2006. With this change, on the sides of the box, is a gloss black doodle-inspired artwork on a flat black background that can go unnoticed unless the light catches it just right.

This artwork was created by Marceli Colato who also made drawings for Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, DC Comics and Harry Potter. “I was able to create cohesive branding that would be used in a variety of spaces, including visual merchandising, print/digital marketing, packaging designs, and unique gift product” says Colato.

Below is the complete piece of artwork Colato created for the Star Trek PopMinded by Hallmark line. Can you “spot” all the references?

Visit marcelicolato.com to see more of her artwork.

3 thoughts on “PopMinded Artwork by Marceli Colato

  1. Kevin Dilmore

    You’re very kind to give one of my great pals a shout-out here! Quick fix: her first name is spelled Marceli (like she has it in her web address). 🙂


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