2019 SDCC Ornament Now Available!

The I.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek’s Mirror Universe is now officially available. With San Diego’s Comic-Con officially up and running fans are getting their hand on a rare Hallmark offering. Ornaments are beginning to show up on eBay starting around $89.99. A production run of 3,475 will makes there more valuable than your typical store ornaments.

Box description:

When a transporter malfunction during an ion storm flung Captain James T. Kirk and three of his officers into another dimension, they found themselves on board the I.S.S. Enterprise, a Terran Empire battle cruise nearly identical in configuration to the ship they called home.  This “mirror universe” Imperial Star Ship Enterprise featured dagger-and-Earth symbols as decór, armed soldiers in every corridor, and torture chambers called agony booths to keep crew members compliant with command.

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