July 2016: A Big Month for Hallmark and Star Trek

July is always a huge month for Hallmark with their annual release of ornaments but 2016 seems to have more crammed in it than normal.

This is what we have to look toward to…

July 1st-20th


Preorders are all over eBay for the SDCC exclusive Enterprise ornament from the pilot episode of the original Star Trek series.  There are a wide range of asking prices but $120 seems to be a common price tag.

July 9th


Hallmark’s Ornament Premiere! Star Trek fans can look forward to three ornaments that are making their debut.


STAR TREK™ “The Man Trap” Kirk and Salt Monster Ornament With Sound $29.95


STAR TREK™ U.S.S. Enterprise™ 50th Anniversary Edition Musical Ornament $32.95


Ensign Pavel Chekov $15.95

July 20th


San Diego Comic-Con sneak preview from 6:00-9:00 P.S.T.  Guests will get their first looks at Hallmark’s 2017 Star Trek line-up.

July 21st-24th


San Diego Comic-Con officially opens to the public.  The convention exclusive Enterprise will be available in limited quantities each day.  Expect a flood of ornaments on eBay and prices to drop under the preorder costs.  Although it is a covention exclusive ornament, Hallmark has announced it will be available at two additional conventions later in 2016.


July 22nd

Star Trek Beyond premieres and with it the possibilities of future Star Trek ornaments.



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