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Hallmark Keepsakes 50th Anniversary!

“This calls for a celebration! 2023 is the 50th anniversary of Keepsake Ornaments! Join the fun every Friday as we post pics of ornaments through the years.”

Hallmark Facebook

“In 1973, when Hallmark introduced six glass ball ornaments and 12 yarn figures as the first collection of Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments, a new tradition of Christmas decorating was started and a new collectible industry was born. When the first line was introduced, they were unique in design, year-dated and available only for a limited time – innovations in the world of ornaments. Since 1973, Hallmark has introduced more than 8,000 different Keepsakes Ornaments and more than 100 ornament series, groups of ornaments that share a specific theme.

The finished Keepsake Ornaments reflect the way styles, materials, formats and technology have expanded since the first ones appeared in Hallmark stores in 1973. Once a collection of decorated glass balls and yarn figures, Keepsake Ornaments now are made in a wide array of wood, acrylic, porcelain, blown glass, metal and handcrafted formats.

But one thing hasn’t changed. Their superior craftsmanship and high quality still ensure that Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments will become family heirlooms and cherished collectibles.”

Hallmark Facebook

The following comments accompanied the images above on Hallmark’s Instagram:

1973: This is one of the very first Keepsake Ornaments released in 1973. Who still has one? We’d love to see it! 

1974: This little angel was part of the Keepsake Ornament collection released in 1974. What’s the earliest Keepsake Ornament in your collection? Post a picture in the comments. We’d love to see it. 

1975: Disco may have ruled the radio in 1975, but this Rocking Horse ruled trees everywhere!

1976: The U.S. was celebrating its 200th birthday when Happy the Snowman arrived as part of the 1976 Keepsake Ornament line. Where are our snow lovers? Show us your snowman pics in the comments!

1977: This Mickey Mouse and Friends Keepsake Ornament was the first to feature Disney characters. It came out in 1977, and we’re proud to say our partnership is still going strong. We’d love to see your favorite Disney Keepsake Ornaments in the comments!

1978: Our 1978 throwback is a playful carousel featuring a horse, truck and ​red sleigh. Which would you have chosen to ride? And why?

1979: Vrrrroom! Santa’s Motorcar came racing onto the scene as part of the 1979 Keepsake Ornament collection. This design was the first in a series called Here Comes Santa. Anyone remember that series? We’d love to see your Santa ornaments in the comments below!

1980: Released in 1980, this ornament—A Cool Yule—is part of the longest-running series in Keepsake Ornament history! The Frosty Friends series turns 44 this year and was originally inspired by a Hallmark greeting card from the 1970s. Be sure to pick up the 44th Frosty Friends this year at Ornament Premiere!

1981: This ornament was the first in our Rocking Horse series that began in 1981, ran for 16 years and was one of our most popular series ever produced. Keepsake Artist Matt Johnson brought the series back in 2020 as the re-imagined Rocking Horse Memories series, using new materials, patterns and embellishments. We love that this childhood classic has made a comeback! Be sure to pick up the 2023 Rocking Horse at Ornament Premiere in July. Share your childhood rocking horse memories in the comments.

1982: In 1982, this Tin Locomotive chugged its way into the Keepsake Ornament line and into collectors’ hearts. It was the first in a popular series that depicted eight models of locomotives inspired by trains from the early days of American transportation.

1983: 1983 brought this sweet Cinnamon Bear series to Keepsake Ornaments. With a spinning top for his prop, he won hearts as the first in a series that lasted until 1990. So beary adorable!

This post will be updated each Friday throughout Hallmark’s 50th anniversary retrospective.