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Star Trek Transporter Water Globe Video

Video supplied by John L.

Kirk: “Ready the transporter room, Mr. Spock. We’re beaming down.”
Spock: “Understood, Captain. Please stand by in the transporter room.”
Kirk: “Transporter ready?”
Scotty: “Aye, sir.”
Kirk: “Thank you, Scotty. Energize.”
::Transporter activates::

Kirk: “Kirk to Enterprise.”
Scotty: “Scott here, sir.”
Kirk: “We’re beaming up. Notify transporter room.
Scotty: “Aye, aye, sir. Transporter room, stand by to beam up landing party. All hands standing by, sir.”
Kirk: “Energize.”
Scotty: “Energize.”
::Transporter activates::

Where is the Star Trek Water Globe?

In April, at Star Trek Mission: Chicago, the PopMinded booth displayed the upcoming 2022 Trek merchandise which included a Star Trek Transporter Water Globe. The display showed a release date of August in photos posted by TrekCore.

The Transporter Chamber was displayed again at the PopMinded both at San Diego Comic-Con. It is said to have light and sound with a retail of $99.99.

My inbox has been hit up more and more as the month has progressed with inquiries on the Trek water globe. Unfortunately, as we near the end of August, there are still no signs of it. Whether it has been delayed to the fall, pushed back to 2023 or scrubbed completely is still to be discovered.

Star Trek Transporter Water Globe Coming in August

Hallmark appears to be expanding their Star Trek universe. The Star Trek water globe, available in August, seems to be a direct descendent of Hallmark’s take on the Keepsake Table Toppers (2016’s “To Boldly Go” and 2019’s Transporter). The water globe has the familiar Star Trek character figures and employs the light and sound technology seen in the Keepsake line for years.

It has yet to be seen how the water globe will be marketed but it is possible it will be in stores as an off-season product since it will not be under the Keepsake label.

Transporter Water Globe (ISRT1010) with light and sound
Available: August 2022

Retail: $99.99